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Guidet tur i sabotørstien med besøk i Tungtvannskjelleren

Guidet tur i sabotørstien med besøk i Tungtvannskjelleren

Sabotørstien er en 8 kilometer lang sti som starter ved Rjukan Fjellstue og ender ved Vemork kraftstasjon. Her går du den samme veien som sabotørene gikk for å gjennomføre en av de viktigste aksjonene under andre verdenskrig.

In the Footsteps of the Saboteurs

In collaboration with Sabotørhytta, we invite you to an extraordinary experience, following in the footsteps of the saboteurs. The journey begins at the parking lot near Rjukan Fjellstue, where our experienced and knowledgeable guide will lead you through the thrilling route of Operation Gunnerside. We start by venturing into Hjerdalen and Fjøsbudalen, where Sabotørhytta is located, providing an opportunity for a lunch break (please bring your own food and beverages). From there, we follow the saboteurs’ trail all the way to Vemork (crossing the bridge and not through the gorge), where the story is complemented by a unique visit to the spectacular and interactive exhibition in the heavy water cellar and inside the power station itself. After the tour, you will be transported back to retrieve your car from the parking lot where we started.

We offer guided tours of the Saboteur’s Trail every day at 11:00 AM, from June 16th to August 13th. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and is suitable for both adults and children.

Learn more about the Heavy Water Cellar here – one of the most impressive interactive exhibitions in Norway!

Embark on the Saboteur's trail on your own

While we highly recommend our guided tours for the ultimate experience of the battle for heavy water, you can certainly choose to walk the trail on your own as well. The path is well-marked, and information boards are placed along the route, narrating the story of the sabotage mission.

Same time, same place

On the night of February 28th, a very special walk took place, following in the footsteps of the saboteurs.

See the film here

The heroes of Telemark

Who were the young Norwegian soldiers who risked their lives to carry out one of the most significant military operations during World War II?

Get to know the saboteurs
Foto: Leif Tronstad samlingen/NIA