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Telemark Art Museum

The museum’s own art collection

The museum’s own art collection
Foto: Tomasz Wacko/NIA

In Hall 2 you will find exhibitions consisting of the museum’s own art collection. Here you can see works from the golden age of art history, as well as ground-breaking contemporary art. Look forward to a day among great works, in an art museum where history not only hangs on the walls, but also permeates them.

View Kittelsen's Svelgfoss series

Central to the exhibition is Theodor Kittelsen’s distinctive watercolour series Svelgfoss. The series was painted by Kittelsen in 1907 and 1908 and depicts the development of the power plant. The series was painted to order by Sam Eyde and hangs permanently on display in Hall 2.

Foto: Tomasz Wacko/NIA

Several of the country's biggest

In addition to Theodor Kittelsen, the collections consist of several key artists such as Gustav Adolph Mordt, Christian Skredsvig, Henrik Sørensen, Reidar Aulie, Mathias Faldbakken, Per Inge Bjørlo, Severin Segelcke, Arne Ekeland, Per Kleiva, Håkon Bleken, Terje Bergstad and many more.

Severin Segelcke, "Rallare". Hydros kunstsamling. Foto: T. Wacko NIA

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