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Machine Hall

Machine Hall

The deafening noise has been replaced by silence. The machines have stopped running. Yet the echoes of history resonate in a way that will stay with you. Take a walk among turbines, generators and impressive architecture. See with your own eyes what was once the throbbing heart of the world’s largest power plant. 

The mighty machine hall awaits

Let yourself be enthralled by enormous machinery, fantastic details and the story of how wild nature was transformed into clean energy, and the people who made it possible. Adept guides take the experience to the next level, and guide you safely through the unique history of the Machine Hall and Vemork.

Vemork. Maskinhallen sett fra øst.
Foto: Breakfast/NIA
Foto: Breakfast/NIA

Vemork’s grand stage

Today, the Machine Hall is used for concerts, events and other arrangements. Would you like to rent the hall for parties or events? Of course we can fix that for you.

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One night in 1943, eleven soldiers risked their lives on one of the most important missions of World War II.

Now the heavy water cellar is open for you.

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