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The heavy water cellar (opens June 18)

The heavy water cellar (opens June 18)

Follow in the feet of heroes. Stand where the heroes stood. See the result of the mission that changed the course of history, while also learning about a major, important part of Norwegian history. 

The history of the heavy water cellar

The heavy water cellar is best known for the act of sabotage operation that took place on the night of 28 February 1943, but is also part of a larger story. The story of the hydrogen plant. A spectacular structure, perched on the steep valley side, right on the edge of the cliff. The icy water from the Rjukan waterfall came thundering down the mountainside, providing ideal conditions for hydrogen production. Locally, the plant was known simply as “Hydrogen”, and the building was completed in 1929. “An architectural achievement,” they called it. And it certainly was. Guided tours of the heavy water cellar will begin om 18 June

Opptak for Forskning. Tungtvannsdestillasjon.

Take a virtual tour of the heavy water cellar here.