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Children and young people

Experiences for children and young people

Exciting stories, huge machines, railways, trains, ships, modern art and majestic nature. NIA offers experiences for the whole family and a number of activities specially adapted for children and young people.

Kids’ favourites: Sam and Sara - The Industrial Adventure

Sam and Sara are the kids’ favourites, and they show in several places at NIA. Join an interactive journey of discovery, draw with them and learn about the industrial adventure in many new ways.

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Art with the kids

Let the little ones experience great art – on their own terms. One Saturday a month, children can join a guided tour, learn techniques and work creatively in the children’s own workshop!

Foto: Målfrid Vangen, NIA


Several of our visitor sites are equipped with drawing corners and drawing equipment. Here you will also find drawing tips from Øisteins Blyant, the creator of Sam and Sara – The Industrial Adventure.

Activity booklet

Take the industrial adventure home or with you on the rest of your trip. Sam and Sara’s activity booklet is full of fun tasks and challenges.