Opening hours

The old buildings at Heddal Open-air Museum are not accessible to visitors this summer, but you are welcome to visit the open air museum on you own.

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Ticket prices

From NOK 30 to NOK 150

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Heddalsveien 385
3676 Notodden

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An impressive piece of Norwegian history

At Heddal Open-air Museum, you walk straight into 19th century peasant life. Welcome to a day at the farm – and a piece of Norwegian history at its most idyllic.

Foto: Breakfast/NIA
Foto: Målfrid Ravnåsen Vangen/NIA

«The feeling of going back several hundred years in time to a large farm in Telemark is great.»

Rich cultural heritage that permeates the walls. And permeates the soul.

Take in the history in the main building. Let your eyes dance at the sight of the rose-painting by Olav Hansson in 1784 in the Rambergstugo. Embrace and understand the rich cultural heritage with folk music, wood carving and traditional costumes. A trip to Heddal Open-air Museum is not just a visit to a historic open-air museum, it is also a very special journey in Norwegian cultural heritage.

«Beautiful buildings outside and even nicer inside. Shows how we lived in Norway in the old days.»

Heddal Open-air Museum – part of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum (NIA) was founded in 1983. The goal is to manage and communicate the unique history of local hydropower, industry and society. Every year we welcome almost 100,000 guests to our seven visitor sites.

NIA consists of Vemork, Telemark Art Museum, the Rjukan Railway, Heddal Open-air Museum, Tuddal Open-air Museum, Tinn Museum and Krokan.

In addition to the visitor sites, NIA has significant activities related to the management of more than 110 cultural-historical buildings, 2 large vessels, several quays, a large art collection, archives, photographs and collections within our field.