Opening hours:

The wall in the sun is always open.
The house is closed to visitors.

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35 09 90 00


Fossoveien 742
3660 Rjukan

Close to nature

In the middle of Telemark’s beautiful countryside, you will find a historic building that oozes natural charm. Krokan is unfortunately closed to visitors, but just having a coffee in the sun with your back against the wall is an experience in itself.

The Trekking Association's first cabin!

Krokan is first mentioned in 1729, and was then a crofter’s homestead on the Fosso farm. In 1856 the farm was divided for separate use. That same year, the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) was established, and Krokan became their first cabin. Here, tourists who came to experience the Rjukan falls and the beautiful Vestfjord valley were accommodated. For several years this was a favourite place to stay for hikers. Accommodation is no longer offered, but Krokan is still a great destination for an inspiring hike.

Foto: Monica Hagglund Langen/DNT

Krokan Cabin – part of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum (NIA) was founded in 1983. The goal is to manage and communicate the unique history of local hydropower, industry and society. Every year we welcome almost 100,000 guests to our seven visitor sites.

NIA consists of Vemork, Telemark Art Museum, the Rjukan Railway, Heddal Open-air Museum, Tuddal Open-air Museum, Tinn Museum and Krokan.

In addition to the visitor sites, NIA has significant activities related to the management of more than 110 cultural-historical buildings, 2 large vessels, several quays, a large art collection, archives, photographs and collections within our field.