The Rjukan Railway

Opening hours:
17 June-13 August

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Ticket prices:
From NOK 60 to NOK 390
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Såheimsveien 30
3660 Rjukan

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A historical tour in majestic nature

The Rjukan Railway was built by Norsk Hydro, opened by King Haakon in 1909 and has left its mark on both people and the environment. It remains just as impressive to this day. There is more on offer here than just a history lesson. You can learn about ‘time machines’ – both on water and on rails, and take a seat on train and boat journeys throughout Norwegian history.

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Foto: Breakfast/NIA
Lokomotiv med passasjervogner på Mæl stasjon klar til avgang sommersesongen 2019.

«A great trip in beautiful surroundings, which are also suitable for children. The guide was very good and informative.»

Storytelling on rails

Hop aboard the historic train at Rjukan or Mæl station, and chug your way through Norwegian history, war stories, engineering and world heritage. The time has come to travel in time. Welcome to a memorable experience for young and old alike.

Foto: Bjørn-Owe Holmberg/NIA
Foto: Norsk Hydro ASA/NIA
Tog på Rjukanbanen, ved Mæl stasjon. Menn ser toget ankomme.

Take to the water with Storegut

Stand on the pier or test your sea legs and board M/F Storegut. Fancy a journey through time and space on Lake Tinn? Then you can book M/F Storegut for events.

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Foto: Breakfast/NIA

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The Rjukan Railway
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«A great place with a juicy piece of Rjukan’s industrial heritage.»

Enjoy the day at Meal

It’s easy to get carried away by history at Mæl station. Here you can wander among distinctive buildings, find your place in historic freight and passenger wagons, as well as sign on for the Lake Tinn ferries. All in beautiful surroundings. For the full experience, we recommend a trip by train from Rjukan station. At Mæl you will also find a charming cafe, shop and can easily spend a whole day with the family.

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Fergeleie ved Mæl. Ammonia
Foto: Breakfast/NIA
Foto: Breakfast/NIA

The Rjukan Railway – part of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum (NIA) was founded in 1983. The goal is to manage and communicate the unique history of local hydropower, industry and society. Every year we welcome almost 100,000 guests to our seven visitor sites.

NIA consists of Vemork, Telemark Art Museum, the Rjukan Railway, Heddal Open-air Museum, Tuddal Open-air Museum, Tinn Museum and Krokan.

In addition to the visitor sites, NIA has significant activities related to the management of more than 110 cultural-historical buildings, 2 large vessels, several quays, a large art collection, archives, photographs and collections within our field.