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The Rjukan Railway



Mæl offers a more authentic experience than most. Here you don’t just wander right into history, you can sit on the platform and feel life from the old days in your body and soul.

Mæl station is located just west of Lake Tinn and can be experienced all year round. The station and ferry area extends over 850 metres and is today a protected cultural heritage park. Here, the station environment is completely intact, surrounded by distinctive buildings as well as historic freight and passenger carriages. And last but not least, Ammonia and Storegut can be found here – the legendary Lake Tinn ferries that you can also board.

The station areas are open to guests all year round, but voyages on Ammonia and the train journey are only available during parts of the year. If you would like to take a round trip on Lake Tinn with M/F Storegut, this is only offered in connection with your own events and/or functions.

The story of Mæl

Mæl station has characterised the local environment and landscape by Lake Tinn for over a hundred years. Skilled professionals and solid machines ensured freight and passenger traffic between Rjukan and the world, with Mæl as an important hub for a railway that runs both on land and on water.

Protected world heritage

After a long struggle to preserve the transport system, the Rjukan Railway as a whole was listed in 2014. The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, together with Tinn municipality and local enthusiasts, considers Mæl a very special place that deserves a visit.

Today, the Rjukan Railway offers travel experiences and historical tours during the summer and was added to UNESCO’s list of the world’s inalienable cultural heritage in the summer of 2015.

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