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Tinn Museum

Wool and fibres. Soap and water

Wool and fibres. Soap and water

Working with your hands was once something other than scrolling on a mobile phone. Experiencing the workshop and learning the craftsman’s skills is exciting, educational and memorable. Find out how yarns and textiles are created, and how beautiful garments see the light of day. All thanks to true craftsmanship.

Get to know the loom

Peace. Concentration. Accuracy. Training. Using the loom is painstaking but fun work. The museum host from NIA will guide you with a steady hand.

When working with wool and plant fibres, the smell and the tactile experience that comes from making the products are part of the process. Textile or yarn that is made using your own efforts with a simple hand tool, honours and maintains older cultural values.

Practical work. Inspiring stories.

Emphasis is placed on conveying the history of the visitor area and the kind of thoughts the founders of the museum had in the early 20th century. The idea was for the museum to be a concrete memory of the everyday life and customs of the past; to convey methods of use and local trade from far back in time. That goal is just as relevant today.

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