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Heddal Open-air Museum


Foto: NIA

All-consuming. This is just one of many words that describe the rose-painting in the Rambergstugo, often referred to as some of the most beautiful decorative painting found in Norway. Stop by and see a real piece of Norwegian history with your own eyes.

The rose-painting was created by Olav Hansson (1760–1843), and although his rose-painting has taken its place in history, we only know the basics about the artist himself. It is believed that he was born and raised on Hovinbøle farm in Hovin. He was probably the fourth of eleven siblings. He was married twice, had eight children and lived in both Mæl and Hovin.


Art in the blood

Even as a young man, Olav Hansson distinguished himself as an extremely skilled rose-painter. There is no information about his tutor, or how and why he started rose-painting. Nevertheless, it is well known that he came from an artistic family with both a father and an uncle who were rose-painters.

Ingelinn Kårvand/NIA

Visit the Rambergstugo

Hansson painted several homes in Telemark. The Rambergstugo remains as one of the most beautiful. Here, Prussian blue is the dominant colour, which at the time cost the equivalent of 270 kilos of beef per litre. Grand? Yes, there’s no doubt about that.

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Foto: NIA