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Kåre Tveter

Kåre Tveter
Kåre Tveter, "Ved Kornmotiden". Foto: Tvetersamlingen

I anledning Kåre Tveters 100-årsjubilieum vises hans stemningsfulle malerier i Sal 1. Opplev lysets maler på Telemark Kunstmuseum. Utstillingen varer fra 10. september til 6. november.

Experience the painter of the light

Kåre Tveter (1922–2012) came from Skarnes in Sør-Odal. He made his debut in 1957, but his real breakthrough did not come until 1965. Tveter quickly became one of Norway’s most renowned artists, known as the painter of the light.

Tveter has held a number of exhibitions at home and abroad and is represented in collections such as the National Museum, the Norwegian Cultural Council, KODE, Lillehammer Art Museum, Henie Onstad Art Centre and others.

Kåre Tveter, "Augustregn". Foto: Tvetersamlingen

From portraits to non-figurative works

He started by painting portraits, nudes and landscapes, but turned in a non-figurative direction in the 1960s. Towards the end of the 1960s, he returned to the landscape once more, and is today best known for his watercolours and large-format oil paintings of autumn and winter landscapes, especially from Svalbard.

From 10 September to 6 November, you can experience his work at Telemark Art Museum.

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