Opening hours:
Unmanned, but always available for a stroll in beutifull surroundings. Follow our facebook page for information about events.

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Ticket prices:
Free of charge when unmanned, otherwise from NOK 30 to NOK 160

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Tuddalvegen 2111
3697 Tuddal

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A walk through history

Following in the footsteps of ordinary people can be something very special. That’s what you get at Tuddal Open-air Museum. Here you can travel back in time, in your own shoes, and experience a typical Tuddal farm in the 18th and 19th centuries. Of course this is interspersed with the occasional surprise such as folk tales and friendly farm animals.

Traditional prosperity

Tuddal Open-air Museum consists of 13 buildings. The oldest are from the 17th century. The idyllic open-air museum with living area, attic, coop, stables, sauna, barn, cookhouse and crofter’s cabin provides a comprehensive view of the past. In the open-air museum you will also find a facility building with an exhibition, a simple kiosk, toilets and a large patio perfect for picnics and spending time outdoors in historic surroundings.

Foto: Tomasz Wacko/NIA

Tuddal Open-air Museum – part of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum (NIA) was founded in 1983. The goal is to manage and communicate the unique history of local hydropower, industry and society. Every year we welcome almost 100,000 guests to our seven visitor sites.

NIA consists of Vemork, Telemark Art Museum, the Rjukan Railway, Heddal Open-air Museum, Tuddal Open-air Museum, Tinn Museum and Krokan.

In addition to the visitor sites, NIA has significant activities related to the management of more than 110 cultural-historical buildings, 2 large vessels, several quays, a large art collection, archives, photographs and collections within our field.