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Tuddal Open-air Museum

Exhibition and tour

Come inside the houses and get a tour of the idyllic Tuddal Open-air Museum. The tour is family-friendly and lasts about 30 minutes. The exhibitions in the facility building are set up so that they can be experienced without a guide.

Down to earth beauty

Tuddal Open-air Museum is an idyllic open-air museum with a total of 13 buildings that have been moved from different hamlets in the village. Together, the open-air museum provides a comprehensive view of what a typical Tuddal farm looked like in times gone by. The oldest houses are from the 17th century.

Foto: Målfrid Ravnåsen Vangen/NIA

Household gods and good facilities

In 2000, a new facility building was added to the Open-air Museum. This contains exhibitions, a simple kiosk and toilet facilities. Our permanent exhibition shows just how diverse and rich the cultural heritage in Tuddal is. The exhibition includes older national costumes from Tuddal, rose-painted coffins, the gate from the stave church that was demolished in 1796 and a household god from pre-Christian times.

The outdoor area is large and an appealing place for a picnic and exploration also outside the public season. Signs have been put up with information about most of the buildings in the yard.

Foto: Målfrid Ravnåsen Vangen/NIA