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Heroes of Telemark

Heroes of Telemark
Foto: Ingelinn Kårvand/NIA

The fear that the enemy would develop nuclear weapons or a bomb that could end the war, led to the Rjukan community being drawn into military operations. And individuals risking their lives for a cause they believed in!

Get to know the four military operations carried out at Vemork in this exhibition, which both provides information and gives cause to reflect.

Get to know the heroes

See the “Heroes of Telemark” exhibition at Vemork

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Four military operations. Countless heroic deeds.

A total of four military operations were carried out against heavy water production at Vemork.

At the exhibition “Heroes of Telemark” you get to experience history up close. Not only will you get to know the heavy water saboteurs better, but also the other helpers and the local resistance that made the action possible.

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Foto: Leif Tronstad samlingen/NIA