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Welcome to May Day at Vemork

Welcome to May Day at Vemork

NIA invites you to a party event in the main hall at Vemork on 1 May at 15.00.

As is tradition, the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum (NIA) will celebrate May Day with a party event in the machine hall at Vemork.

The event starts as usual at 15.00, after the 1 May celebrations in the centre of Rjukan, and we hope many will find their way to Vemork on this afternoon.

May Day represents solidarity and justice. Since the first demonstration parades over 100 years ago, the day has been important for workers. The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum has marked the day at Vemork since 1988, and again there will be speeches and entertainment in the huge machine hall.

This year we will get to hear Sanja Pasovic from Tinn SV. She came as a refugee from Sarajevo in Bosnia to Rjukan in 1993. She wants to put her own story into a current perspective “A refugee looks back, and forwards”.

We are also lucky to get to hear senior adviser at NIA, Trond Aasland, talk about “The navvy, the worker and May Day”. Here we will hear exciting tales about strikes, conflicts, the road to the 8-hour day and about the demands they had fulfilled when they joined the May Day parade.

We will also be visited by the new Rjukan revue group Eftf. & Co with Øystein Haugan, Torgeir Pettersen, Arild Kittelsen and Helge Ellingen, who will entertain us with songs and music from this year’s sun festival revue.

The museum is open from 12.00-18.00 and admission is free all day.

There is a shuttle bus service from Vemork bridge from 14.00-18.00

Cafe Vemork is open from 12.00-17.30
Here you can enjoy coffee and cake or this year’s May Day menu:
Pork fillet with herb sauce, honey glazed vegetables and salt-baked moraine potatoes
Dessert: Cheesecake
Price NOK 240